Forked Road (source: medium.com)

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a fateful week. There is still a Karmic quality to everything we do now because of the recent ingresses of Mars and Jupiter into Scorpio. Even when things happen that have nothing to do with us, we might be asking ourselves “What did I do to deserve this?” Many of us have an inflated opinion of our own importance at the moment.

At the same time, four planets are in Sagittarius: the sun, Mercury (in retrograde), Venus and Saturn. That number will grow to five when the moon joins the party in a few days. People are feeling unrestrained right now and eager to argue over idealistic concerns. While most would like to pretend that they are motivated to pursue the common good, there is a selfish quality to Sagittarius. Natives of the sign will surround themselves with people who agree with them, even when they have adopted the most-radical ideologies. It is very rare for a Centaur to be the wise, scholarly type represented by Chiron. Most of them are wild, reckless creatures who are emboldened when they run in packs.

Yet when the new moon arrives in Sagittarius on December 18, it signifies a “last stand” in the sign. People with the planets in the last couple of degrees of Sagittarius in their natal charts will come to a fork in the road. One leads to a place of enlightenment, and the other leads to nowhere. Major shifts in the sky the following week will make it nearly impossible for those who follow the low road to get back on track. There will be a punitive quality in the air as 2018 begins with Scorpio and Capricorn energies mingling to make most of us rather unsentimental toward people who have chosen the wrong path.

Nevertheless, I have a bad feeling about the people who have chosen the wrong path. I’m normally not the sunshine-and-lollipops type, but I’m also not the doom-and-gloom type. Still, I can see the people who feel as if they’ve lost something during this time reacting in the worst possible way.

I hope that this is all in my head — I do have Mercury at 27° Sagittarius, after all. But I just can’t shake this uneasy feeling that that 2017 is going to get worse before it gets better.

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