Omahyra Mota (source: Fashion Bomb Daily)

November 30 is Omahyra Mota’s birthday.

It’s always a thrill when I come across the birthday of someone who I haven’t discussed in the past. I had no idea that Omahyra Mota is a Sagittarius!

Mota is known as that “androgynous” model who first rose to prominence in the early aughts. Soon afterward, she was making movies. Her most notable appearance was in “X-Men: The Last Stand.”

I don’t have a birth time for Omahrya, but I do know that she has a Pisces moon. I consider Pisces to be the sign where the rules concerning gender become blurry and unimportant. That makes sense. I also consider both Sagittarius and Pisces to be the “tattoo” signs. Omahyra does have a lot of tattoos.

She also has Mercury in the last degree of Sagittarius, not far from mine. I just published a couple of posts detailing how Saturn conjunct Mercury in the final degrees of Sagittarius is affecting me. I wonder how Omahyra is feeling right now? This will be the first time she will experience this planetary configuration with a sense of perspective (I doubt she remembers much about the first time it happened to her as a three-year-old child).

Every now and then, I put something like this out into the universe and someone gets back to me. I don’t always publish what we discuss because people usually divulge secrets to their astrologers and it would be rude of me to blab those secrets all over town. I just got an email from a friend thanking me for a reading I provided to a celebrity friend of hers. It’s exciting to be in the orbit of genuine stars.

Nevertheless, I would love to talk to someone like Omahrya so that we could figure out a few of the features of her chart together. If you are a famous person who I have already discussed on this blog, or someone of note who doesn’t mind your secrets being spilled on a public forum, click the link above that reads “Do Me.” I’d love to do you. And if you want me to keep your secrets, we can figure out something else. I’m easy that way.

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