American Gigolo (source: Habitually Chic)

November 17 is Lauren Hutton’s birthday.

Until a moment ago, I had never looked up Lauren Hutton’s chart. She has a fifth house Scorpio sun, and the moon in Leo is the planet closest to her Cancer ascendant in the first house. For a standoffish Scorpio, she’s got the horoscope of someone who wants to be looked at. I can confidently say that she was born with the chart of a model.

Lately, I’ve been interested in Hutton because of her association with Bottega Veneta. I’m obsessed with the luxury brand. In a recent runway show, Hutton appeared carrying a remade version of the Bottega Veneta bag she carried in the 1980 film “American Gigolo.” I connect the 1940s and the archetype of the femme fatale with Scorpio and Cancer in “Star Struck Style.” These characters roared back onto the big screen in the eighties. Women with a hidden agenda were de rigueur in cinema throughout the decade.

Nevertheless, I recognize Bottega Veneta as a Capricorn brand because of it’s low-key snobbery. That doesn’t stop the brand from straying into Scorpio and Cancer territory on a regular basis. There is a lot of overlap between these three serious (and seriously sexy) signs.

I guess I should be discussing Lauren Hutton, but there’s not that much to discuss. And why would I want to talk about her when I can point out how brilliant my new book is? I know, right?

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