Chloë Sevigny (source: models.com)

November 18 is Chloë Sevigny’s birthday.

Chloë Sevigny is regarded as one of fashion’s perennial “It” girls. I actually mention her in “Star Struck Style” when I discuss the “cool” Scorpio archetype.

Plenty of Scorpio women fit into this category. I include Hannelore Knuts, Anna Wintour and Tilda Swinton in the discussion, too. Sevigny, however, has a chart unlike the rest. I had never looked at it until just a moment ago, and it is a sight to behold!

If the actress’ time of birth is correct on astrotheme.com, she has the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Scorpio, and a Scorpio rising sign. Only Mercury sits in the twelfth house, a single degree off her ascendant. The other three planets sit in the first house. She’s a textbook Scorpio — there’s no doubt about that.

Sevigny also has a Capricorn moon that sits opposite Saturn in Cancer. Of course, these two planets are interpreted as a conjunction as they are in mutual reception. Normally, they would have a minor influence on her character because they are both in their detriment and neither of the planets are personalized by house position. In this case, though, the uncommon nature of the aspect makes it a hallmark of her horoscope.

Cafe Astrology says this about the moon/Saturn conjunction:

“There is a marked cautiousness and defensiveness to people with a Moon-Saturn conjunction in their natal charts, and it’s really a self-protective thing, as they are very sensitive. Their disciplined emotional nature may sometimes be mistaken for coldness.”

I guess that makes the cool girl even cooler. Still, she’s more like an iceberg than an ice queen: there’s far more going on below the surface than most of us realize.

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