Paula Kelly, Shirley MacLaine & Chita Rivera (source:

October 21 is Paula Kelly’s birthday.

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose also have birthdays today. When I discuss Libra style in my new book, the word “superficial” comes up several times. Libra is the sign of artifice: where a false front is adopted as a coping mechanism. Of all the zodiac signs (with the exception of Aquarius), it is where the rising sign most often prevails in the construction of a public persona. For that reason, people who actually exemplify signature Libra style do it with a carefully constructed look that may or may not mirror their inner world. Simply put, they can be quite fake.

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose are superficial personalities. I look at them as social constructs in the age of Instagram rather than talented women I would like to get to know. For that reason, I have decided to celebrate Paula Kelly’s birthday today.

I don’t know much about Paula Kelly except that she was in “Sweet Charity.” “Sweet Charity” is certainly a flawed, dated movie, especially when it is considered in the context of Bob Fosse’s masterpiece, “Cabaret.” Yet a few of the numbers in the film are some of the best song and dance sequences ever captured on film. Paula Kelly appears in two of them: “Big Spender” and “There’s Got to Be Something Better Than This.”

If you’ve never seen them, Google them. Then for the sake of comparison, Google Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose on “Dancing with the Stars.” On second thought, don’t bother. I wouldn’t wish reliving that nightmare upon anyone.

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