Freja (source: IMG Models)

October 18 is Freja Beha Erichsen’s birthday.

I wasn’t sure if I was getting Libra vibes from Freja, so I looked up her chart. She does have both the sun and Mars in Libra, but she also has Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio — that’s what I expected to see. What surprised me was the bucket-type chart formation with Jupiter in Aries forming the bucket handle in a very tight opposition to her natal sun. Pink also has a bucket chart, with the moon in Aries forming the handle.

So, what does that mean? While I don’t have a birth time to determine the house position of Jupiter, I can tell you that this configuration contributes to Freja’s unique, anything-goes persona. She is one of those models who can do almost anything, from punky and androgynous, to uptown chic.

There aren’t a lot of thirty-year-old models who are in demand like Freja. Still, I don’t believe that she’s going anywhere for a while. With transiting Jupiter forming exciting conjunctions to her natal planets in Scorpio, she should have an exciting year ahead of her.

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