Meghan King Edmonds (source:

Some people seemed predestined to live a life in front of the camera on shows like the “Real Housewives,” while other tend to shy away from the drama. For the most part, Libra natives have been the most unsuccessful stars of the Bravo franchise. There may be less Aquarius housewives around, but at least they’re a memorable bunch. Most of the Libra women on these shows are nothing more than set decoration.

I suppose that’s because Libra women are non-confrontational by nature. Remember when Libra native Kathryn Edwards finally had her chance to confront the “morally corrupt” Faye Resnick at Kyle Richards’ barbecue on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”? What should have been a no-holds-barred, down-and-dirty fight turned into a total non-event when Edwards backed down after Resnick offered a half-assed excuse/apology.

When they are stirring up trouble, it’s usually in a passive/aggressive manner that makes everyone else clench their fists. They can get in the middle of other people’s fights, attempting to act as peacemakers, but they usually just make a bad situation worse. I wish that there were more Libra women doing this on “Real Housewives” shows. They are squandering their greatest cosmic gift!

Other Libra housewives include Kathy Wakile from “New Jersey.” I watched Kathy on a couple of seasons and I barely remember anything about her besides her cooking. Alex McCord of “New York”, is also a Libra, and possibly the most-boring housewife in franchise history.

Interestingly, shit-stirrer Kelly Dodd from “Orange County” is a Libra, too. On that show, she forms one part of an unholy Libra/Aries alliance with Vicki Gunvalson — the most odious creature in the “Housewives” universe. On the other side, there is Meghan King Edmonds, also a Libra, paired up with Shannon Beador, another Aries.

Now I don’t need to tell anyone which side I’m on. I watched a grand total of three episodes of “Orange County” last season and my favorite moment was watching Meghan and Shannon discussing visiting Vicki in the hospital after her dune buggy accident, essentially saying “Why the hell would we want to see Vicki?”

And it’s for that reason that I’ve picked Meghan by default to be on my Real Housewives Zodiac Dream Team. Maybe she’ll impress me with some dirty, passive/aggressive bullshit in the upcoming season (if she’s back on the show at all), or maybe she’ll continue to play second-fiddle to a dominant Aries woman as Libra women are likely to do on these shows. Either scenario will work for me, just as long as Vicki finally gets what she deserves.

By the way, did I mention that I don’t like Vicki?

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