Carole Radziwill (source: All Things Real Housewives)

Next up on my “Real Housewives” dream team is Carole Radziwill of “The Real Housewives of New York.” Now I have to admit that Carole isn’t my favorite housewife. In fact, she’s quite low down on the list. So how did she make it into my top-twelve? Because she practically has no competition!

There are only three Leo housewives on current “Real Housewives” show: Radziwill and newcomer Tinsley Mortimer of “New York,” and Tiffany Hendra of “Dallas.” Former Leo housewives include Danielle Staub and Amber Marchese of “New Jersey,” and Lisa Hochstein of “Miami.” I probably wouldn’t even recognize the last two if I ran into them in the street, and I’d quickly be running the other way if I ran into Danielle Staub.

Tiffany Hendra seems to be almost as boring as Carole Radziwill, but at least Carole has a few things going for her. She’s smarter than your average housewife. She has friends (and relatives) in high places. She’s also quite unapologetic for her behavior. While that can be said about most housewives, most of them should be apologizing. Carole does what Carole wants to do, but usually that doesn’t involve embarrassing herself by lacking in any sense of self-awareness.

As far as being a Leo, there are more and more signs with each and every episode of “New York.” She’s got that tiger-striped couch in her apartment. The other sofa is decorated with leopard-print throw cushions. She wears leopard-print on occasion. She keeps her hair long at an age when most women would be cutting it off. She likes cats. She is a cougar. The list goes on . . .

There are a few other indicators of a Leonine personality that have nothing to with felines, though. Leos have big egos. While Carole’s isn’t always on display, it’s there. I know that she’s smarter than most of the women on these shows. She knows that she’s smarter than most of the women on these shows. Still, she doesn’t usually make a point of pointing out the intellectual shortcomings of a couple of her cast mates. She is sort of gracious when she goes out slumming with Ramona and Sonja, and graciousness is a signature Leo trait.

Leos can also be fiercely loyal creatures. Carole seems to stand side-by-side with Bethenny Frankel when Bethenny really doesn’t deserve such a faithful friend. Sometimes I wish Carole would just tell Bethenny that her behavior is unacceptable. She has no problem telling Luann what she thinks of her, so I don’t understand why Bethenny gets a free pass. Anyway, with all these fixed signs mingling (Bethenny and Ramona are Scorpios; Luann is a Taurus), it’s amazing that these women even manage to film a few scenes together.

“Atlanta” has a similar cast makeup with the fixed signs disproportionately represented. I suppose it makes for good TV because having a bunch of women who refuse to compromise just invites trouble. I sort of wish that one of these shows would cast a Leo woman who really knows how to live large. Maybe that’s Tinsley Mortimer, but it’s too early to tell. I suppose Carole will do for now, but I imagine that she would be eaten alive in the presence of a much grander Leonine personality. Only time will tell if having two Leo women on the same show for the first time in franchise history will live up to the promise it suggests. Let the cat fights begin!

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