Cow (source: MNN)

It’s been a few days since the sun moved into Taurus. It’s been a few days more since I composed a blog post. All these retrogrades have me feeling scattered, like I can’t wrap my head around anything in particular. It’s sort of overwhelming, and not the sort of energy I typically feel when the sun is in Taurus.

Venus has actually gone direct, but it’s going to be moving through its retrograde shadow for a while yet. Mercury has backed into Aries and it’s been especially annoying for me. My modum stopped working last week, leaving me without TV and internet for a while, and the week before I had a lengthy power failure as some crews working on the sewage system in my neighborhood dug up the power lines by mistake.

The big news in my chart, however, is the regression of Jupiter back into my twelfth house. I’m just not feeling as “out there” as I was a month ago. I have some professional obligations this week that are going to be tough. I feel as if I would benefit from working behind the scenes, but that’s not going to happen.

I was looking at my chart in order to figure out when it would beneficial to make a few big moves. Jupiter goes direct in mid-June, followed by a conjunction of Mercury and Mars in Cancer in my ninth house, just a few degrees from my midheaven. I suppose that my book will be finished by then. I can probably use the solstice as a launching point — the time when I should start moving forward into the publishing phase.

That’s a plan! For now, though, I need to keep plugging away despite my current lack of focus. I had an astrologer friend read my book a couple of weeks ago in order to give me some feedback. Now it’s in the hand of a fashion-critic friend for a similar evaluation. I’m lucky that there are a few people out there whom I can ask for favors. I have a very difficult time asking anyone for anything. Perhaps Jupiter (opportunity) in Libra (collaboration) in my twelfth house (retrospection) is trying to teach me something about this shortcoming. Maybe I’d be further ahead if I imposed on others in the way that they continually attempt to impose on me.

Stay tuned for updates and come back soon . . . unless you’re going to ask me to do something for you that you would never do for me, okay?

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