Eva Herzigova
Eva Herzigova (source: Yahoo!)

March 10 is Eva Herzigová’s birthday.

I was just clicking through some online photos of Eva Herzigová, and what struck me about the model is that I wouldn’t have guessed that she has a Pisces sun. But what would have I guessed? I have no idea.

Pisces is a difficult sign to write about when I’m describing personal style because it’s the “no style” sign. The parameters I use to describe it are boundless. Yet other chart factors can help to add definition to the indefinite. Herzigová has a Capricorn Mars and a moon that is either in Taurus or Gemini. I’d put my money on Taurus because I do get the idea that she is more grounded than flighty.

What interests me more than her chart is that she recently walked the Bottega Veneta runway. Bottega Veneta is my favorite fashion brand. I associate the label with my own sign, Capricorn. Still, I just got back from Las Vegas with my two Pisces friends who both bought something at Bottega Veneta in the Crystals mall while we were there. They seem to appreciate the brand much more than they appreciate its competitors, like Hermès or Louis Vuitton. I don’t know what to make of that.

I hope I figure it out soon! I’ve got just a little more than two chapters to write before my book is finished. I’m figuring out some things along the way, and I believe that I still have a lot to figure out about Aquarius and Pisces. Aquarius is the detriment of the sun, and Pisces represents scattered, diffuse energy. It makes it difficult to characterize the members of those two signs in so many words. I guess it’s a good thing that I can use as many as words as I want.

I guess that means that I’ve resolved to self-publish. It’s kind of nice to know that I’m in the driver’s seat. Now if I could only step on the gas and get this done!

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