Janet Leigh
Janet Leigh (source: abc.net.au)

The full moon arrived this morning while I was composing this post. I read a few articles about the full moon in Virgo, but they mostly left me scratching my head. Why do so many astrologers insist upon discussing the most mundane occurrences as if they are cataclysmic cosmic events that are going usher in a new age of spiritual awareness? Can’t a full moon just be a full moon?

Anyway, it made me realize how grouchy I am today. So I looked at my own progressed chart (something I rarely do) and realized that I have a progressed conjunction of Mars and Chiron on the same axis as this full moon. It’s on the sunny side of my chart, so that would explain why this moon has me feeling as if punching someone would be therapeutic.

I’m going to go to the gym soon where I will be able to scream at my class for an hour. Hopefully, I’ll work off some of this negative energy.

I advise the same for the rest of you on this peculiar day. Find a way to channel the bad energy into something not-so-bad. The full moon is going to bring out the freaks, and the time change is going to make the people who deal with the freaks especially intolerant of their freaky behavior. My advice: give yourself a moment to scream this afternoon before you go on a stabbing spree.

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