Venus and Mars
Venus and Mars (source: Italian Renaissance Art)

Mars enters Taurus later today. In itself, that’s no big deal. However, Mars is in its detriment in Taurus. Venus is still in Aries, also in its detriment. Together, though, they are in mutual reception, positioned in each other’s ruling signs.

What does this all mean? Until April 3, these planets are going to work together — at least in theory. In practice, I imagine that we’re going to see a lot more finger-pointing and name-calling: the pervasive themes of 2017 so far. Saturn in Sagittarius has made us all into zealots, standing up for our ideals while failing to understand why someone else might possess a different point-of-view. Jupiter transiting through Libra should be eager to make us all get along, but Libra is also the sign of passive/aggressive bullshit. It’s easier to attack someone with innuendo and thinly-veiled threats than to actually use a weapon — why get caught with blood on your hands?

But once the sun enters Aries on March 20, I expect the battle to move onto the streets. For a couple of weeks, these planets that are supposed to be working together will have to figure out a way to coexist or fight each other to the death. I’m predicting the latter scenario will prevail. I believe that this current configuration of cosmic forces will make people defend their own indefensible positions at almost any cost, revealing their weaknesses as a result. I think I described American politics in a nutshell.

But I digress! If you find yourself in a fight later this month, don’t back away. Hit ’em where it hurts — their wallet is their soft spot. Through all this strife, the one lesson we’ll be able to learn is that greed and a thirst for power makes most people do terrible things. Be there to expose them when it does. Just be sure that your own agenda doesn’t put you in a position where you can become a casualty of this cosmic battle. It’s going to get ugly.

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