Kate Middleton (source: Dlisted)

January 9 is Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday.

I’ve written about Kate Middleton before. She is the celebrity with whom I share the most in common astrologically. We have the same sun/moon/rising sign combination: sun in Capricorn, moon in Cancer and Libra rising. We also share our Venus in Aquarius in the fourth house.

The biggest differences between our charts are evident when other house placements are taken into consideration. She has a fourth house sun opposite her tenth house moon with only a two-degree orb. I have a third house sun and ninth house moon. I was born a full day ahead of the full moon — a twelve-degree orb. If I had to pick a single factor in her chart to focus upon, it would be Mars in Libra nearly conjunct her ascending degree from the first house. It makes her a stealthy go-getter. If I had to do the same with my chart, it would be the mutual reception of Mercury in Gemini in the third house and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the ninth house. That’s a messy configuration that has likely contributed to my unyielding optimism and my chatty demeanor.

I did laugh when I saw this horrible photo of the Duchess on Dlisted this morning. I don’t believe that Kate would lose any sleep knowing that this photo was circulating on the internet. I wouldn’t be bothered if the same thing happened to me. Instead, I’d be mortified if I posed for a professional photographer and the result was less-than-flattering. My sun/moon/rising combo has made me into a rather realistic control freak, but a control freak with a good sense of humor. I can’t imagine that Kate Middleton is that much different from me with the way her planets have lined up. She’s probably a lot of fun.

ETA: Since I published this post, an alternate time of birth for the Duchess has been included in most astrological databases that include her chart. Therefore, she may not have Libra as a rising sign.

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