Diane von Furstenberg (source: CFDA)

December 31 is Diane von Furstenberg’s birthday.

I love this photo of Diane von Furstenberg. My favorite photo of myself looks a lot like this. I’m in exactly the same position, holding my hands to look as if I’m praying while a sunburst mirror positioned directly behind my head resembles a halo from a Renaissance painting. It’s hilariously pompous — just like me.

This photo isn’t the only thing I share with the designer. We both have a Capricorn sun, Mercury in Sagittarius and a cardinal moon sign (hers is Aries; mine is Cancer). We’re also lovely people who donate plenty of our time to organizations that benefit our communities. We both adore Jonathan Saunders, the newly-appointed chief creative officer for DVF. We’re enviably gorgeous for our age, too. I know, right?

Anyway, Diane von Furstenberg didn’t really hit her stride in the fashion business until she was in her fifties. Sure, she had some success in her thirties, but it wasn’t until her fifties that she really got going. I look to her as one of my idols because I trust that I’m not quite finished yet. The astrologer that I visited as a nineteen-year-old who made me a believer told me that I would achieve great things later in my life.

There is one other interesting thing about her chart that I ought to point out. She has a similar chart layout to Sarah Mower of “Vogue.” I know that Sarah Mower idolizes von Furstenberg and adores Jonathan Saunders. I should let her know that she has a kindred spirit in the designer. It would probably make her day.

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