Christy Turlington (source: Fashion Gone Rogue)

January 2 is Christy Turlington’s birthday.

Yesterday at work I was telling a coworker that I received a bus pass from my sister for my upcoming birthday. We joked around for a moment about the overly-practical nature of the gift, but I really was thrilled to get something that I wouldn’t have purchased for myself (I actually use bus tickets because they are slightly more economical than a pass because I don’t take the bus every day). The conversation then turned to my age as I wondered out loud how old I have to be to qualify for a senior’s bus pass. I’m going to be fifty-one this Friday. Some businesses provide senior’s discounts when you turn fifty-five.

My coworker immediately said “Get ready to show your I.D.” It was a nice compliment, but also rather practical advice. I don’t believe that I look my age. What’s more important, though, is that I don’t feel my age.

There’s a cliché in astrology that Capricorns are old when they’re young and young when they’re old. I believe it! I really don’t feel as if I’m getting any older. I look in the mirror and see some of the signs, but they don’t seem to bother me so much when I compare myself with other people my age. I also look at my fellow Capricorns (at least the ones who take care of themselves) and I see the same thing. We’re a robust crew!

I do share a few things with today’s birthday girl, Christy Turlington, including a Capricorn sun and Venus in Aquarius. We also share second-phase moons that sit about 168º from our natal suns. Turlington is a noted exercise and healthy-living advocate who revels in her charity work. This week I’m celebrating my twenty-sixth anniversary as a volunteer fitness instructor with the YMCA of Edmonton. It’s like were twins! Oh, and did I mention our incomprehensible gorgeousness? It’s hard to ignore, right?

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