Ann Demeulemeester (source: FMD)

December 29 is Ann Demeulemeester’s birthday.

I like Ann Demeulemeester as a designer because she had such a specific point of view. I’m always intrigued by designers who can successfully operate a brand that is instantly recognizable, whether or not I actually like the clothes.

The actual “branding” of a label should be second-nature for Capricorn natives. We’re good at carving out our own niche in the business world. The same goes for the entertainment world. There are plenty of Capricorn entertainers who possess a distinctive brand that is associated with them and them alone.

It’s interesting to me that Demeulemeester’s muse was one of those Capricorn entertainers. Patti Smith was born on December 30. I don’t know if anyone has ever come close to recreating Patti Smith’s brand. Wikipedia calls her the “punk poet laureate.” Her personal take on style was never really fashionable, but she became a style icon despite herself.

Demeulemeester followed a similar path. She barely wavered from her vision, and eventually created an iconic niche market all her own. Both of these women truly inspire me. At the moment, I’m attempting to resurrect my career as a fashion astrologer. I am getting advice from people who tell me how they envision the future of my “brand.” Yet they are the same sort of people who would have told Ann Demeulemeester to use more color, or the same sort of people who would have suggested that Patti Smith would look nice in a dress.

I’m just not going to listen to them. At my age, if I don’t know what I’m selling, I shouldn’t be selling it.

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