Goats (source: siderealist.com)

Depending upon where you live, the new moon arrives late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

The arrival of the new moon every thirty days or so signifies a good time to embark upon new projects. Astrological lore tells us to begin anew during the waxing moon, and then to wrap things up during the waning moon. That’s why I always make my New Year’s resolution to coincide with the New Moon in Capricorn: the one closest to New Year’s Day. It’s like hedging my bets.

But I’m not too eager to put money on my own sense of resolve at the moment. Mercury is retrograde and conjunct the new moon. Muddled thinking becomes a factor in the process of making New Year’s resolutions. I don’t believe that people are going to be terribly realistic about their goals when they declare their intentions for 2017. The Uranus station in Aries ends today almost exactly opposite Jupiter, too, so I suppose that people will be eager to share their doomed-to-fail resolutions on social media. That makes me believe that there are going to be plenty of people eating their words in a month or so.

My advice to avoid that problem is to keep your resolution to yourself this year. Go ahead and write something down, but then hide it away. Try to make your resolution realistic, as well. I don’t believe that current planetary configurations are telling us to shoot for the stars at the moment. I believe that they’re telling us to stop briefly in order to process what’s going on around us.

As 2017 begins, fools will rush in where wise men fear to tread. The problem is that they’ll run headfirst into other fools, just like the goats in the photo above. The next new moon in late January might be a better time to butt heads in order to move forward.

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