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Lara Stone (source: Vogue)

December 20 is Lara Stone’s birthday.

I sometimes forget about Lara Stone when I think about Sagittarius models. I almost always forget about Kristen McMenamy and Stella Tennant when I think about Sagittarius models, too. It’s not that I find any of these women forgettable — they just don’t strike me as striking representatives of their sun sign.

For that reason, I just looked up their charts. All three possess a Sagittarius sun, Mercury in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio. That’s not going to be an uncommon configuration for someone with a Sagittarius sun, but it’s not going to be common either. Mercury can only be in the same sign as the sun, or in the sign preceding or following the sun sign. Venus can wander a little further away, but only two signs from the sun.

While Mercury doesn’t really factor much into my grand theories about astrology and self-expression, Venus does play a major role. It can be an indicator of good taste in someone’s natal chart, or an indicator of bad taste when it’s afflicted. But the sun/Mercury combo can be a very useful tool when attempting to determine what an individual might be good at professionally.

Sagittarius is the sign of the vagabond. Individuals with a Sagittarius sun can be reluctant to find one thing that they’re particularly skilled at. Mercury in Capricorn can provide them with the mental discipline to stick to a single career path. In the case of these three models, a long, illustrious career in fashion only came as a result of hard work and tenacity. Even so, not one of them is a household name outside of households like my own.

It’s an interesting combination of planets. I wouldn’t say that it provides an individual with the inclination toward a particular vocation, but I will say that it provides them with the tools to put in the work required to make it to the top.

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