Jupiter (source: YouTube)

It’s almost here!

Jupiter enters my first house this Monday. I’m sort of excited to see what will happen, except that part where astrologers claim that Jupiter’s transits are associated with weight gain.

The gaseous giant will spend the next few months in my first house before it backtracks over my ascending degree in April and spends another four months in my twelfth house. I’m actually looking forward to the retrograde phase because my Capricorn sun makes me appreciate a slow and steady pace. I don’t want to get overwhelmed by opportunities because it is in my nature to be suspicious of good luck. As the saying goes, I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Things are looking up for me at the moment. I’m actually quite optimistic about revisiting my writing career. There was a time when a crippling fear of rejection didn’t stop me from approaching editors to ask for jobs. I need to get back into that frame of mind. I’ve got nothing to lose by trying.

I do have something to lose, though. I’ve got to drop a few pounds. I’ve been quite diligent about lifting weights lately, and I’ve gained weight as a result. I’m already a pretty big guy, but I hate the idea of getting bigger. I should be happy when people tell me that I have the ass and thighs of a professional hockey player, but I’d rather look like a yoga instructor. Unfortunately, I probably eat the same amount of calories a day as I did when I was fifteen-years-old, and that’s not going to change in the foreseeable future.

What might change is my attitude toward myself. A Jupiter transit through the first house can expand one’s mind. Maybe I’ll get over this idea that I already know everything I need to know about my body. I could probably benefit from experimenting with my diet to see how my fifty-year-old gut reacts to the changes. Maybe eating my weight in cheese on a monthly basis isn’t the best thing for me now that I’m older.

If I can get over that hurdle, then the next one to cross is winning the lottery. Jupiter is supposed to be lucky, right? Maybe I need to divert my cheese budget into lotto tickets. I think I’m on to something . . .

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