Sonja Morgan (source: Wetpaint)

November 25 is Sonja Morgan’s birthday.

I love this photo of Sonja Morgan. It reminds me of many of the regular girls from my high school. Of course, Sonja would probably tell you that her stiff, taffeta dress was Ungaro and that those were natural South Sea pearls around her neck.

If there’s a reason that she’s got an exaggerated sense of self, it’s because she has the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Sagittarius. Combine that with a moon in Pisces, and what you see on “The Real Housewives of New York” is what you get. She believes her own hype to the point of being completely delusional. Of course, none of that stops me from watching her.

As far as her personal style is concerned, I actually consider her to be the second best-dressed Sagittarius on the show. I adore Dorinda Medley’s all-over-the-place wardrobe. It strikes me as a better representation of signature Sagittarius style. Sonja tries too hard to cling to her past (when she was married to a zillionaire). I actually would buy what she was selling if she tried to brand herself as nothing more than a fun-loving party girl instead of a beacon of class and sophistication.

Forget the intervention to stop her from drinking. Someone needs to tell her how her fans actually perceive her. She just doesn’t get it.

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