Scarlett Johansson (source: Fashion Gone Rogue)

November 22 is Scarlett Johansson’s birthday.

Scarlett Johansson has an interesting natal chart. Even if I don’t trust the 7:00 AM birth time that is provided on (I’m especially suspicious of any chart where the time of birth is rounded up to the nearest hour), I can make one huge assumption about her character based upon the distribution of the planets in her chart.

Johansson has a bundle-type chart with the planets occupying less than 92º of the zodiac. Furthermore, the distribution of the planets is so even that only a handful of relatively-minor aspects are formed.

A bundle like this results in a character who is generally self-directed. I’ve read that the bundle-type confers personal magnetism, and the celebrity who comes to mind when I think about the bundle is Mick Jagger: one of the most charismatic performers of all time.

As far as personal style is concerned, Johansson is pretty enough to have limitless options about what looks good on her. But Sagittarius is also a sign where limitations are no concern to its natives. One could argue that she has no discernible sense of style, but that really is her sense of style. If the universe presents you with inexhaustible options to look your best, you would be a fool not to take them.

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