Saturn (source: NASA)

I was just looking at this month’s planetary events when I realized that a big one is on the horizon. Saturn turns direct later this week, although that’s not the big one that I’m talking about. For the next couple of weeks, it’ll be stuck around 9° Sagittarius. Mars just moved back into Sagittarius last week after its retrograde phase, and by the time it catches up to Saturn on August 24, it will hit 9° Sagittarius, too. That degree is significant because it’s roughly the degree where Mars will exit its retrograde shadow, beginning a new cycle of direct movement for the next couple of years.

Mars and Saturn are traditionally called the “Malefics.” While I can understand why certain planets have bad reputations, the planets themselves can’t be bad or malevolent. The aspects between them can’t really be evil, either. Still, they often take the blame when bad things happen.

I’m expecting some bad things to happen when these two meet; I just don’t know if they’re going to be bad for me. Horary astrology isn’t my thing. I know a lot people are into making bold predictions, but I’m too old to care about what’s going on in the world just as long as everyone stays the hell off my lawn. Yet I can’t feel anything but apprehensive when I look at my own chart and see that this aspect is occurring in my second house. The second house is associated with material possessions. I’m already broke all the time: I spend money whether or not I have it. Yet Sagittarius is also the sign that rules over publishing. In late February, I tried to pitch my new book to a bunch of people to no avail because I saw nothing but beneficial aspects in my chart. I was optimistic, but nothing happened at all.

So maybe I give too much credit to this idea that good things are going to happen when the so-called “Benefics,” Venus and Jupiter, do their thing, and that bad things are going to happen when Mars and Saturn get together. Mars was making its entrance into its upcoming retrograde zone right when I was preparing my book proposal to go out to publishers. If I make another pitch later this month, the planet will be out of that zone altogether. I didn’t pay attention to Mars because I was blinded by the magnificence of Jupiter. Maybe I should have been paying attention to the bad planets, after all.

Mars is associated with action in astrology, and Saturn is associated with tradition. Perhaps I need to redirect my effort into exploring this traditional path to publishing one more time. It can’t hurt. I’ve still got five chapters to write. And maybe I need to stop focusing on the positive and adopt a more-negative attitude. That’s going to be the hard part because it’s not in my nature to expect the worst — unless I’m talking about everyone else. I expect the worst out of all of you. I’m pretty optimistic about myself!

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