The Legacy (source: Wikipedia)

Just a few hours ago, the sun moved from Cancer into Leo. I’m sort of relieved that it’s moved onto another sign. I don’t think I could have dealt with another day of Cancer-inspired crabbiness.

I don’t believe that I’ve been exceptionally crabby, though. I’ve just been exceptionally annoyed by people who are oblivious to the notion that their selfishness puts unrealistic demands upon me and my kind. My Capricorn reliability had become a commodity with all the planetary action in Cancer. I felt as if people were taking advantage of me: claiming that we were partners while I did all the work. It was a back-breaking month.

But it’s time to put an end to that. Mercury, Venus and the sun have all moved forward. So what does that mean for me? Leo is my solar eighth house. The eighth house rules over sex, death, birth, and also things like legacies. Perhaps I need to inherit some money. Or maybe I need to get to work on my own legacy: the book I’ve got half-finished. I’m actually plugging along quite well at the moment. I’ve given myself a deadline to write a chapter a month. If I don’t get distracted this week, I’ll probably wrap up the Libra chapter right on time.

Speaking of legacies, I remember the terrible movie from the poster above. In fact, I read the novel based upon the movie before I ever saw the film itself. I was probably fourteen or fifteen at the time. I wondered why I was never summoned to a dark, mysterious mansion by a strange benefactor who probably wanted to kill me. Life was so unfair back then!

Anyway, seeing the poster made me think that maybe my legacy is to write a book where an evil benefactor (based upon me, of course) invites one member of each zodiac sign to his dark, mysterious mansion where he kills them off, one by one, leaving only a single member of his favorite zodiac sign to inherit his vast fortune. I need to write that book! That could be my legacy!

But who would be the lone survivor? That’s something I need to decide. If you would have asked me a month ago, I would have said Virgo. After the month I’ve just had, I’m not so sure about that. It’s going to be difficult deciding who gets to live and who must die. I guess I’ve got another twenty-nine days to figure it out. Consider yourself safe until then.

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