MGM Lion (source: Wikipedia Commons)

I called this post “The Lion in Summer” because today I feel like Eleanor of Aquitaine in “The Lion in Winter,” only it’s 2016 instead of 1183, it’s summer instead of winter, and I’m not being portrayed by Katherine Hepburn. Now that I think about it, that’s a horrible title!

Anyway, Venus moved into Leo two days ago. Leo is not only my solar eighth house, but it’s also almost fully-captured by my actual tenth house (short of 55″ — less than a single degree). The funny thing is that I’ve been sort of stressed-out lately by how dead it has been at my part-time sales job. Then, all of a sudden, I went to work on Monday and made a pile of money. The same thing happened on Tuesday.

While I was at my job, working a 10-9 shift because we’re short-staffed this week, I looked around and thought to myself that the store looked nice. People were really nice to me, too. Almost everyone had something nice to say to me. It was a big change of pace from the previous month. I liked it.

I don’t know if this was due to a change of perspective or if everything was just a little nicer, but it was a welcome change — especially on an eleven-hour shift. Venus makes everything better, and if she’s going to make me richer and happier, I’m going to enjoy the next few weeks. I just hope that the imminent ingress of Mercury and the sun into Leo bring even more positive energy into my world.

But this all begs the question “Why am I not in Las Vegas right now?” I don’t visit the MGM Grand in summer because it’s too hot, but the one time I did visit in July, I barely spent any money. It might have been my cheapest trip ever because I kept winning and winning. I’m going to have to consider going next summer. Maybe this Venus-in-the-tenth-house thing is even better for me than I realize.

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