Four Crabs
Four Crabs (source: Fine Art America)

The moon slipped into Cancer a few minutes ago, joining the sun, Mercury and Venus in the sign. All this crabby action — including tomorrow’s new moon — is occurring in my ninth house. What’s interesting is that my confidence concerning my new book is pretty high right now. Perhaps opportunity (the ninth house) and my home-based business (Cancer) are being illuminated by these planets.

I go through phases where I feel as if I’m wasting my time because rejection is the normal state-of-affairs for a writer. And then there are times when I actually get a little optimistic because I know I’m good at what I do. It makes me guarded, much like a crab. I do have a Cancer moon, though, strongly-placed in my ninth house. That gives me good instincts and the ability to sense opportunity. Unlike the last time I sold a book (with only a third of the title finished), I feel as if I need to have the whole project ready-to-go before I start pitching it to anyone. The more I learn about the current market and self-publishing, the more I believe I’m on to something with this new attitude. I’m going to trust my instincts.

I could be deluded, too. The ninth house can be an awfully overconfident place. I don’t think so, though. I’m going to resolve to “make my own luck” for the next month. The new moon is always a good time to take on a temporary new mantra. I hate the phrase “you make your own luck” because it is invalidated so often by people who get hit by cars and diagnosed with terminal illnesses, etc. Lucky assholes who like to stroke their own privileged egos use the phrase a lot to justify their privilege. Nevertheless, with the current cosmic climate in mind, I should attract luck for the next four weeks if I avoid the contagious crabbiness that will be going around. I suggest that you do the same. Try nurturing instead of nagging. Be mothering instead of smothering. Come out of your shell, but stick close to home just in case you need a break from the bullshit. For the next couple of weeks, sidestepping around those who behave badly will be your best defense.

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