Britney (source: Entertainment Weekly)

Mercury moves into Cancer this evening. That means it’s only a few degrees away from my natal moon. I suppose I’m going to want to talk about my feelings when that happens. Or maybe not . . .

I’m not a weepy person, but I know plenty of weepy people. For them, the next couple of weeks might be rough when they feel the need to take everything personally. Until July 14, tears will be flowing.

While that’s not the best news for most of us, it’s great news now that “Big Brother 18” has debuted. The reality show is infinitely more entertaining when the house guests can’t separate the game from real life.

This watery transit should come to a climax next week during the elimination episode. That’s when Mercury makes a conjunction with the sun. Whoever gets evicted will probably be bawling their eyes out. I’m predicting an eruption of tempers in the house in a couple of weeks, too, when the full moon in Capricorn exacerbates this weepy energy.

But will I be crying along with them? Probably. The upcoming new moon also makes some terrible aspects to my own chart. It’s lucky for me that I can lock myself in a house that isn’t full of cameras that record my every move. I often talk about how much I’d love to be a contestant on “Big Brother Canada,” but I don’t think I could live with myself if I was caught blubbering in the diary room. Letting it all hang out like that is just not my style.

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