Olsen Twins
The Olsen Twins (source: Business Insider)

In about thirteen hours from now, the new moon in Gemini will arrive. About an hour later, the sun moves from my eighth house to my ninth house.

The new moon in May was also in my eighth house. I don’t have an especially large eighth house (it’s about 32º), but it’s big enough for this to happen. The first of the two events took place in Taurus. I had the week off work while I got my house painted. I told myself that I was going to stop shopping so much and then I promptly visited Gilt and bought a couple of shirts. I wore one of them yesterday at work and got several compliments, so I guess that I can’t be too upset with myself for giving in to my decadent side.

Since then I’ve bought a couple more T-shirts, a polo shirt, a pair of pants and another button-up shirt. I’m probably forgetting something, too. I don’t really have a problem with owning more clothing. But what I really should be doing while these new moons are occurring in my eighth house is reigning in my spending and paying off my credit cards. This is the worst time of the year for me at work (although I made a pile of money last week, defying all expectations).

One of the things that the eighth house rules over is other people’s money. As the new moon is a time for resolutions, I’ve got to resolve to stop spending other people’s money. My credit card balance isn’t completely out of control, but it’s higher than it should be. If I can manage to stop spending all my money before I can make it, maybe I can take advantage of the opportunities the universe will provide for me as the sun transits my ninth house. I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

As for the rest of you, the new moon in Gemini puts an emphasis on frank communication. Nevertheless, it’s time to candy-coat your words. You should resolve to be a little nicer in the way that you communicate with others. With Venus and the sun nearly conjunct for the next couple of weeks, you’ll reap cosmic rewards if you can convince others that you’re not the sourpuss we think you are. And if you’re a Gemini like Donald Trump, Kanye West or the Olsen Twins, use this time for a little PR makeover. Let the world know that you’ve been misrepresented by the press. Until the middle of the month, we might actually be able to stomach what you’re selling.

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