Black Billed Magpie (Wikipedia Commons)

I was just watching to see when the Gucci Resort 2017 show was going to go live on While I was checking out the website, I noticed that the Red Valentino show had been uploaded to the site. I’m not a big fan of Red Valentino, but I thought I’d click on the link to have a look at where the label was headed in the new year.

It looked a lot like Alessandro Michele’s Gucci to me. I could attribute that to Gucci’s success (who wouldn’t want to be on their bandwagon right now), or I could look to the sky. I’ve chosen to do the latter because it makes a lot of sense to me.

Saturn is in Sagittarius at the moment. I consider Sagittarius to be the bandwagon sign where people with similar ideals band together to express their individuality. Only you’re not much of an individual when you’re on a bandwagon. Unfortunately, it’s a very Sagittarius-like quality to not even recognize that one bandwagon simply replaces the next in fashion. People who like to think of themselves as “alternative” aren’t the alternative to anything when they become the majority.

Nevertheless, this bandwagon mentality is going to permeate fashion for a while. Saturn doesn’t leave Sagittarius until the end of next year. Until then, this Gucci thing is going to be here to stay.

But why Gucci? Well, Michele is a magpie. Magpies are known for collecting shiny objects and bringing them back to their nests. Like a magpie, Michele collects a little of this from over here, and a little of that from over there, and then he piles it all onto his models at once. Don’t get me wrong: I like fashion’s magpies; they remind me of when I was a broke kid who loved to go to thrift shops to pick up the weirdest things I could find. I just don’t like it when everyone is a magpie. You can be a peacock. You can be a cuckoo. You can be whatever you want to be, but the rarest birds in fashion don’t aspire to look like anyone else.

When Saturn moves into Capricorn in December 2017 we can expect a little more authenticity in the way in which people choose which bandwagon to ride upon. The idealistic notion of rebellion becomes far less alluring when Saturn moves into the sign it rules. Expect a lot of “What the hell was I thinking?” moments as people become a lot more honest with themselves and their relationships with the material world. The dummies that have spent all their money on a luxury label to look as if they’ve been shopping at second-hand boutiques will get a much-needed reality check, and probably a past-due notice or two from their credit card providers.

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