Cosmically Chic

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Greg Polkosnik and I am the author of the fabulous book you see in the photo above. I had a good run with “Cosmically Chic.” Not long after its debut, I was writing horoscopes for “Harper’s Bazaar” online, “Nylon” and “Teen Vogue.” I was a fixture on local television, providing red carpet reviews after award shows. I even got to travel to a few prestigious events as a special guest. People were paying me to show up places so that I could talk about myself. It was a good run and I’m proud of what I did. How many people get to invent their own career?

Anyway, I didn’t expect the ride to last forever, so I wasn’t surprised when my career as a fashion astrologer began to slow down. I was surprised, however, any time I would see my work ripped off by the unimaginative jerks who tried to capitalize on my success. It kept me from wanting to work. I shifted gears and got into blogging, but the problem was just as bad in that discipline. It made me want to give up. What’s the point of being in a creative profession when everything you do is appropriated by the sort of people who have never had an original thought in their lives? I stepped back from sharing my ideas with anyone because I grew weary of watching them show up on other blogs, and in magazine articles, and on websites, etc.

But toiling away in obscurity isn’t doing me any favors. I like to write and to express myself creatively. For that reason, I’ve decided to start up this new blog. “Star Struck Style” will be a place for me to blather on about the one subject that no one in the world knows better than me. Some people may disagree with that assessment, but to those people I want to say “Get your own shtick!” I was here first. I am the world’s foremost expert on fashion astrology. I wrote the book on the subject. Can you say the same?

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