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Transiting Uranus forms a sextile with my natal Chiron this morning. This is an aspect that came into orb in my horoscope last June, and it should continue to influence my behavior through March next year.

Uranus is personalized in my chart as it resides in my eleventh house. It’s also closely conjunct my natal Pluto and opposite my natal Chiron. Chiron isn’t necessarily personalized by house placement, but I do notice Chiron’s influence in my day-to-day existence. This coming Monday, the asteroid will move into my seventh house for the first time in my adult life. Even if I didn’t pay attention to Chiron most of the time, this is one week that I should be listening to what the old man has to say.

What I’m hearing from is rather interesting. This morning’s computer-generated forecast on the site offered me this interpretation of the Uranus/Chiron sextile:

“Although this influence does not usually cause spectacular events, you should nevertheless be careful not to let favorable opportunities slip by. This influence can help to promote positive changes in many areas of your life, but especially where you have suffered from feelings of incompetence or experienced great difficulty. You will feel more in tune with many different aspects of your personality, which will help you to see problems in a less critical light. Although hardship can make you more mature, it can also be a clear sign that you are devoting your energy to things that are hindering rather than helping your spiritual growth. You may now find it easier to let go of such things, which will allow you to be more at peace with yourself.”

Of course, this is generational aspect that will be influencing anyone born within a year of my birthday. However, most of those people won’t have Uranus personalized in their natal charts, nor will they have the affinity with Chiron that I seem to have. For that reason, I’m going to take this forecast for what it’s worth and focus on the “favorable opportunities” that may present themselves during this time. While nothing would please me more right now than to experience something “spectacular,” I can’t allow my boredom with the status quo to become the thing I remember about this time in my life.

“Favorable opportunities” are out there. I just have to get out and find them. And if you’re in the same generation as me, there is no time like the present to “promote positive changes” that will change the trajectory of the rest of your life.

Let’s make this happen . . .

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