Neptune (source:

In a couple of days from now, Neptune will enter my sixth house.

Like most other transits, I sort of know what to expect from a major shift like this in my chart. Nevertheless, I like to poke around the internet to see what the other astrologers are saying just in case my own biases are affecting my perception of the event. In this instance, I was sort of confused by what I found. Is Neptune considered to be a malefic? The interpretations I read were exceedingly negative!

Anyway, I did find one that balanced the good with the bad on “12andus,” a website I’ve referenced several times before:

“Your work and daily routines may begin to incorporate consistent spiritual practices, or become mission driven in some way. You are not out to further your personal goals.

If you typically follow a schedule like clockwork, your routines and timetables likely become more fluid and spontaneous. Be flexible but be mindful not to wander too far off center.

Your work may feel disappointing if illusions are revealed — perhaps the work is not what it was promised to be, or your shifting ideals leave you feeling unfulfilled. If spirituality and mysticism aren’t part of your daily work routines, try to incorporate these interests.

This is not the best time to start new work, however, as you are likely to feel confused and need introspection to discern exactly which direction to take next. Exploring new options, especially on a path of service and healing, through volunteer work can be beneficial to you at this time.

Slow down enough to give more attention to your inner world, including your emotional and spiritual needs. You could potentially gain insight and guidance through your intuitive connection if you take time out to listen.

Your body may be more sensitive to chemicals now, food allergies may surface, avoid excess of unhealthy foods.”

There is nothing in this forecast that surprises me. What’s more, Neither Neptune nor the sixth house are personalized in my chart, so I’m not expecting a major shift in my priorities. What interests me the most, however, is that just as Neptune enters this sector of my horoscope, Chiron moves into my seventh house. With these two ingresses occurring within a week of each other, and a retrograde shift back to the status quo before these moves become permanent in 2024, the next several months should be interesting for me. Even if I don’t experience any earth-shattering changes to my life, I should experience changes nonetheless.

I guess I’ll find out soon enough . . .

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