Star Struck Style

fashionfreakshow-jeanpaulgaultier-affiche-768x1125Jean Paul Gaultier (source:

April 24 is Jean Paul Gaultier’s birthday.

I think the world of Jean Paul Gaultier. To me, he represents the best of fashion, where creative self-expression trumps every other consideration. There are no rules in his universe, and that’s why I include him in the Pisces chapters of both of my books. Pisces is the sign where everything gets blurry, especially gender roles and the concept of taste itself.

I had a look at Gaultier’s natal chart on I expected to see some planets in either Pisces or Capricorn because those positions could account for the designer’s campiness. I didn’t see what I expected to see. If his time of birth is accurate, he has Libra rising and Mars in Scorpio in the first house. He also has both Mercury and Venus in Aries in the sixth house, and the sun and the…

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