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Transiting Mercury moved within orb of a trine to my natal sun sometime last night. Because it is about to turn retrograde, it will be within 1° of an exact trine to my natal sun for just over a week. In addition, the sun is about to form a trine to my natal Mercury late this evening. For that reason, I should be insufferably brainy for the next few days.

I do have some detail-oriented projects to complete at work this week, so I guess that I should be happy that my brain will be functioning properly. I’ve been sleeping well, too, and that makes a world of difference when I’m eight hours into a shift at work and still trying to get things done.

More importantly, I really need to pay attention to everything happening around me during this week’s eclipse. As I mentioned in a previous post, the stars should be illuminating my path when the moon meets the sun on top of my part of fortune late Wednesday night where I live. The event should be something I process on both an instinctual level and an intellectual level.

Whatever happens, I’m feeling good about what my horoscope has in store for me. This should be a fortunate time in my life. Nothing would delight me more than if the stars would point me in the direction of an actual fortune.

C’mon, universe — don’t let me down!

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