Proper Eats at Aria (source:

Today marks exactly six months until my next trip to Las Vegas.

I’m having a difficult time waiting to go back to Sin City. I promised myself that I would pay off my debts before I started making more-frequent trips to Vegas again. That project is actually going quite well. I’m already realizing that I have a little more money to spend every month because I’m not paying as much to service my debt load.

Nevertheless, it’s killing me to stay home. Thankfully, summertime flies by for me. Once the weather warms up, I have a lot to do to occupy my time, so my obsession with Las Vegas subsides while I become obsessed with things like gardening and just getting out of my house.

But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about Vegas. Every morning while I’m making coffee, I think about how much I enjoy getting up early and going to the casino for breakfast while I’m on vacation. I recently discovered that the Aria Resort and Casino where I’ve booked my holiday in October has opened a place called the “Proper Eats Food Hall.” Within the glorified food court is a place called “Egghead.” My childhood nickname was “Egg,” which was short for “Egghead.” My brothers would tease me because I was smarter than them. I know, right? Anyway, I can’t wait to eat there. I’m going to be thinking about it every morning for the next six months.

I do sometimes wonder where my obsession with Las Vegas is revealed in my natal chart. I do have Neptune in Scorpio in my decadent second house, and that’s a pretty obvious red flag. However, there has to be something else in my horoscope that would indicate why I could spend every minute of my vacation time in the same place when there are so many other places to go.

It’s something to look into. Maybe I’ll do that if I can just stop thinking about Vegas for a minute . . .

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