This aspect reoccurred yesterday at a time when I was once again struggling to shut my big, fat mouth at work. See . . . astrology really does work!

Star Struck Style

Mercury (source: Rochester Subway)

Mercury just moved into a Aries a few hours ago, which means that it is making its first conjunction with my progressed Mercury since it moved into Aries last October.

The aspect itself is interpreted like a typical conjunction between transiting Mercury and my natal Mercury. However, I have a couple of other things to consider: the house placement and the sign placement. This aspect is occurring in my sixth house, so it’s no surprise that I feel as if I’m the smartest person with the best ideas at my place of work. To be honest, I usually feel that way, and most of my coworkers would agree that I’m full of myself. Yet I typically walk the talk, and I rarely find myself eating my own words or stumbling over my own hubris.

With this conjunction lining up in Aries, however, I might be…

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