Star Struck Style

Fishes (source: SciTech Daily)

Yesterday I stumbled across a thread on Twitter where the author complained about the clichés that define the zodiac signs, and then she proceeded to compose a long-winded list of new stereotypes to replace the ones that bothered her without a hint of irony. The difference between that list and this list is that I understand exactly what I’m doing when I poke fun at the platitudes that we astrologers continue to use to describe the signs — even when we know better than to put anyone into a box by describing them with a single word.

I suppose that I’m quite self-aware in that respect, unlike a lot of my Pisces friends who can be quite delusional at times. In fact, many of them are so delusional that the word “delusional” pops into my head when I think about them. I wish…

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