June 9, 2032 (source: astro.com)

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out where and when the next conjunction between Saturn and Uranus would occur. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up the chart pictured above on astro.com!

Get a load of that stellium in Gemini and Cancer, all contained within my ninth house. Of course, if I tweaked the date by a few days, Mercury would likely end up in Gemini, too.

It’s going to be an interesting time in everyone’s life, but I’m not going to invest too much time looking into this planetary pile-up just yet.

In the meantime, I am going to consider what might happen when all of those planets parade past my natal Jupiter simultaneously. Also, I’m going to study my history with the ninth house for some clues. I know that I’m typically not at my best when I’ve got a lot of planets in my ninth house. I feel scattered and directionless when that part of my chart gets crowded.

Stay tuned for more updates. Over the next nine years and four months I’ll probably revisit this topic a few times . . .

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