Star Struck Style

_dio0045Sasha Pivovarova (source: Vogue)

January 21 is Sasha Pivovarova’s birthday.

It’s interesting that today is Sasha Pivovarova’s birthday because it’s also the birthday of Christian Dior. The Dior couture show just walked in Paris this morning, so it’s a weird coincidence that I found a photo of Pivovarova on the Dior catwalk within the first few images I pulled up while looking for a photo to illustrate this post. That got me thinking about Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director for Christian Dior. I’ve never been able to confirm a date of birth for the designer, but her Wikipedia page now says that she was born in February of 1964. That gives her about a two-in-three chance of also being an Aquarius.

Does that make believe that Dior is becoming more of an Aquarius label under the creative direction of Maria Grazia Chiuri? Not really. I still get Leo…

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