Ra’Jah O’Hara (source: out.com)

December 31 is Ra’Jah O’Hara’s birthday. I know it’s still five days away, but I have to work very early on that day and it’s unlikely that I’ll be up blogging at that time.

Anyway, I’ve discussed Ra’Jah’s zodiac sign before because when she was on “All Stars 6,” it was “Capricorn Redemption Season.” I also wrote a recap a couple of episodes into that season where I declared to the universe that I wanted Ra’Jah to win. She made it to the finale and was a contender right up to the moment that RuPaul placed the crown on Kylie Sonique Love’s pretty, blonde head.

I was glad to see her back on “Canada Vs. the World,” and I was thrilled when she was handed the sceptre and ushered into the pantheon of “Drag Race” winners. No contestant has had a better redemption arc than Ra’Jah, proving that we Capricorns just keep climbing that mountain, no matter how many times we lose our footing and slip back down to rock bottom. It’s in our nature to never give up.

I decided to take a deeper dive into Ra’Jah’s natal chart, and what I discovered was that she was destined to wear the crown in Canada. Like LeBron James (who was born just one day before her), she not only shares Justin Trudeau’s Capricorn sun sign, but also his Mercury in Sagittarius and his Venus in Aquarius — just like me! My fondness for her was written in the stars because I see myself in her. I literally gave up a television gig at one point in my life because I realized that I didn’t want my legacy to be talking shit about people behind their backs. I wanted my talent to speak for itself. Sounds familiar, right?

But it’s likely that Ra’Jah also shares our Prime Minister’s natal moon, as well. Unless she was born in the last seven hours of the day, she has an Aries moon. The odds of her sharing that four-planet combo with anyone is 1 in 2,160. It’s already bizarre that the three of us share our sun/Mercury/Venus positions. The odds of sharing that combo with anyone is 1 in 180. To share a moon sign, too, is positively mind-blowing.

And for that reason, I’d like to invite Ra’Jah to apply for Canadian citizenship so that she can run for Prime Minister of Canada sometime in the future. She may believe that she’s already found her “north star” here in Canada, but it’s clear that the universe has even bigger plans for her.

I can’t wait wait to see her face on our purple $10 bills!

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