Aria Las Vegas (source: Trip Advisor)

The north node has been hovering overtop of the cusp of my seventh/eighth house for the past week or so. The node typically moves a minute or two a day, mostly retrograde but interspersed with occasional direct movement. Anyway, the weirdest thing happened to me yesterday, and I can only attribute the event to some weird kind of karmic payback influenced by this rare transit in my chart.

I had booked a trip to Las Vegas with my sister during the week the world shut down because of COVID-19 back in March, 2020. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to go a few days before my scheduled departure, and I attempted to cancel my trip with the company that I used to book the vacation. I didn’t ask for a cash refund, but rather for a refund of the price paid in the form of rewards points (I had used some points to book a portion of the trip). I figured that I could use them sometime in the future. I never did get in touch with anyone because the phone lines were overwhelmed. I did send several messages using an online messaging service asking to have the points returned to my account. No one ever got back to me. I just figured that the money was lost because I wasn’t able to cancel in time to get a refund because I was never able to talk to an actual agent.

Fast forward to yesterday. My sister informed me that she got an email from the company telling her that the points on her account were about to expire if she didn’t use them before the end of the year. She had no idea why she had points on her account, so she logged in and realized that the points that were supposed to be returned to my account had been returned to her account. We were refunded after all!

So, I went ahead and used those rewards points to book a flight for me and my sister to go to Vegas for her birthday next October. And all this happened while the north node was hovering over this fateful point in my chart: moving from my Karmic eighth house into my seventh house of partnerships. The little dance that the node does overtop this cusp lasts for about one week and it only happens every eighteen years!

I’m not a big believer in using the nodes as an indicator of personality traits in the horoscope. But this incident might make me pay more attention to the actual transit of the nodes of the moon from one Placidus house to another. Of all the times to discover that I had been given back what I was owed! This episode was truly uncanny, and it makes me curious to pay attention to these nodal transits in the future.

Stay tuned for more!

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