Dorinda Medley (source: EW)

Venus entered Libra early this morning.

When Venus moves into Libra, that means that I’ve got about two weeks before it moves into my first house (if the planet is traveling at its normal pace). I always look forward to the time of year when Venus transits that part of my chart because it makes me more easygoing. Nevertheless, I got out of bed this morning feeling better than I have felt in weeks.

Before my vacation (and throughout my vacation), my physical energy seemed to be lacking. It’s been hot in this part of the world, and the heat usually wears me out. It’s still very summer-like here, but it’s cooling down at night so I feel as if I’m getting a break from the warm temperatures that make me cranky.

Anyway, I have been eager to be nicer to people. It’s not as if I’m not nice, but I can seem rather distant and somewhat aloof to people who don’t know me. I resolved to work on that when I was hired for my new job, and it’s been going well so far. Like Dorinda Medley, I’ve been trying to “make it nice” for everyone at my place of work. I was already doing that, but I sometimes I catch myself being more of a robot than a role model.

Venus in Libra allows me to put my best foot forward, especially when it enters my first house, so I need to take advantage of this brief period to make it clear to everyone that I am just as much a Venusian character as I am a Saturnian type. This is my chance to turn on the charm and make everyone feel as if they are welcome in my world. And like Dorinda Medley, I should be successful at this endeavor unless I get drunk and start yelling at everyone.

I don’t think I have to worry about that! I’m not a Sagittarius, after all . . .

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