Alexander McQueen (source:

One of the most interesting developments in fashion to occur over the past few years is the death of trends. In a world with eight billion people all connected by the internet, fashion trends have become sort of irrelevant. Style and fashion were already two different things, but it’s never been more apparent to me that individual style exists in a world that is completely removed from whatever it is that we’re calling “trendy” at any given moment. So-called “influencers” have virtually killed fashion by unintentionally making it more homogenous in order to appeal to their audiences. Meanwhile, the people who actually live their lives offline dress for no one but themselves.

My trip to Las Vegas made me even more aware of this phenomenon. Nowhere did I see anyone whose fashion choices inspired me. However, I was exceptionally pleased with the way I looked every time I left my hotel room. For instance, I visited the McQueen store in Via Bellagio where I gushed over the construction and fabrication of the dress in the photo above. It was a literal work of art! I remember telling my friend to come and see how each panel was knit in order to fit exactly in place to the next panel so that the patterns would match identically. A salesman heard me talking and also mentioned how the manufacturing process would have to be adapted in order to facilitate the creation of different sizes (something that wasn’t lost on me). A moment later, I looked down at what I was wearing and realized that my Missoni shirt was also something that would have taken both meticulous planning and clever craftsmanship to produce. And, to be honest, the end result was nothing short of spectacular.

But did anyone else notice my shirt besides me? I can’t be sure. Sometimes people walk up to me in Las Vegas to let me know that they like what I’m wearing. Most of them, however, don’t even notice because they’re not interested in anything but themselves. Is that a bad thing? Probably not.

What I’m trying to say is that fashion is so completely self-interested at the moment that it really is pointless to try to impress anyone but yourself when you get dressed. I was always want to believe that people are looking at me when I’m out and about, but I don’t really care what they think because the only person I’m trying to please is myself. That’s why I go out of my way to find things that are as special as the dress in the photo above. I don’t want to look in the mirror before I go out and see anyone else but me. The only approval I need is the approval I get from myself when I’m able to confirm that I’ve put myself together without the help of any so-called “stylists” or “influencers.” And I certainly don’t need to have those people cluttering up my Instagram feed with their garbage takes on fashion trends when they probably don’t own half the stuff they wear in their posts.

Astrologically speaking, with Jupiter currently in Aries (rebellion) and Saturn currently in Aquarius (individuality), this is exactly how people on the cutting edge of fashion should be feeling. Dress for yourself. Take it from me: anything goes when you’re the most fabulous person in the room . . .

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