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Earlier this week, I booked a massage in October. I know that’s far away, but my masseur has been away much of the summer. What’s more, he’s changed the days he works so that I don’t really have the opportunity to book an appointment with him without making changes to my own schedule. Nevertheless, I have another week of vacation time coming up in October, so I was able to get in on a Friday morning at a time when I’m normally working.

Anyway, I knew that Venus would be catching up to the sun sometime in the not-too-distant future, and I just discovered that it will happen while I am lying on the massage table. What kind of luck is that?

I’m looking forward to the meeting of Venus and the sun in Libra. It will occur in my first house. In fact, the two planets will be travelling in tandem in my first house for my entire vacation week. I had originally intended to take the following week off, but the big boss at my place of work told me to move my holiday up a week in the event that I was promoted into the position for which I was vying. I took his advice and things could not have worked out more favorably. I’m on vacation at a time that the stars will be telling me to pamper myself.

I’m going to take a deeper look into my chart to see what else is occurring this autumn. It’s my favorite time of year. I’ve been taking vacations in spring for a while now, but maybe I need to switch things up moving forward. I should be making an effort to enjoy myself while the sun is in my first house, right?

It’s something to think about . . .

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