Saturn (source: PBS)

I currently have my progressed sun conjunct my natal Saturn. While other people might view that aspect as something inhibiting, I’ve been publishing posts about how I feel as if I am in my element lately. Back in February, I even resolved to exercise some patience with my employer in this post because the universe was telling me that my patience would be rewarded.

Well, guess what? It was. I got the job I wanted. I got another raise (the second one this year). I’m now in a position where I can exert more control over the day-to-day operations of my place of work. Although I’m not a control freak, I am a textbook Capricorn with terrific time-management skills, and I have a Libra rising which makes me eager to ensure that everyone in my workplace is treated in an even-handed manner.

Curiously, all of this is happening as my progressed sun sits atop my natal Saturn. What’s even more interesting is that the sun is making its annual opposition to my natal Saturn and therefore opposing my progressed sun. What other astrologers might perceive as “tense” aspects are alignments that are providing me with the cosmic kick-in-the-pants I’ve been anticipating for a couple of years.

I always describe Saturn’s influence as “ultimately productive.” In fact, I’ve typed it so many times that if you Googled the phrase, you would probably be redirected right back to this blog. The world is full of shitty astrologers who demonize Saturn as if it is the enemy of progress. I’m not one of those astrologers. But I am one who likes to gloat. I’m thrilled to say that I was right all along.

Thanks, Saturn!

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