Wolfgang Puck (source: Visit Las Vegas)

My trip to Las Vegas is less than two weeks away and I’m already looking at menus online to see if my favorite restaurants are still serving my favorite dishes.

I am such a creature of habit when it comes to dining out. I find something I like at a particular restaurant and then I revisit that place time and time again to order the same thing. Huevos rancheros at Wolfgang Puck, here I come!

I don’t know if that’s a Capricorn sun thing or a Cancer moon thing; I suppose that I could make the astrological case for both planetary placements (although my Cancer moon is in the adventurous ninth house). I also have Venus in the sentimental fourth house. I can understand how that placement could make me return to places where I feed the more-decadent side of my character.

Does anyone else have any thoughts about this strange habit of mine? Are you adventurous when it comes to dining out, or are you a creature of habit like me? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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