It’s funny that I’m revisiting this post from last year this morning because I was just thinking about stopping into the Tom Ford boutique in Las Vegas to pick up some more of my favorite underwear. This time, however, Venus is in my status-conscious tenth house.

Star Struck Style

Tom Ford Underwear (source: Tom Ford)

Just the other day, I stopped myself from putting some leopard-print, Tom Ford underwear onto my Wish List at Mr. Porter. It was pretty pricy, and I know that I would be just as happy to wear a solid color (like the grey version in the photo above). After all, no one ever sees me in my underwear. That doesn’t stop me from wearing fancy, Italian-made briefs, though. I’m a decadent guy and I don’t like to wear poorly-made clothes — especially socks and underwear. Why would I cheap-out on the stuff I wear the most?

Anyway, Venus conjoins my ascendant today. That’s bad news for someone like me who likes to impulse shop. “Cafe Astrology” even warns me about buying new clothes in its interpretation of the transit:

“Personal magnetism at a high! Today you exude personal magnetism; you express your love and…

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