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No, not that Common.

I was at a training event at my place of work last Sunday. There was a conversation going on about how people make “emotional” purchases. The two guys putting on the presentation asked if anyone at the event had made any emotional purchases lately. A couple of people in the audience offered to share their stories. One notable example was provided by a coworker of mine who purchased a limited Optimus Prime figurine, which prompted one of the trainers to mention that he had also purchased a limited edition light saber. Realizing that I had nothing be to be ashamed of in the light of these revelations, I chimed in to admit that I often “feed a need” in my soul by purchasing expensive clothes.

I was acknowledging that my shopping habits are often based on emotion, just like the others had admitted when discussing their purchases. There was no judgement in my admission; I was just declaring that my shopping habits were similar to theirs. Of course, that moment couldn’t go by without someone else putting in their two cents. The trainer asked me what sort of emotional need my purchases were fulfilling, and before I could answer, someone who barely even knows me said something like “It’s a status symbol.”

I can’t remember the exact phrase they used. Whatever it was, it made me turn to her and say “No, I just don’t like to feel common.”

Looking back on that moment, I couldn’t be more pleased with myself. First of all, I was opening up to an audience full of strangers. Second of all, I delivered the sort of deadpan, passive/aggressive, backhanded bitchslap that would make any other Capricorn native with Libra rising proud of me. It probably went right over the heads of all the plebes in the room, but I’m sure there were a couple of people there who learned a little more about me.

I’m so proud of myself for opening up . . .

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