Donald Trump (source: CNN)

It’s been a while since I posted a prediction about Donald Trump. I guess I grew tired of publishing posts speculating that he would someday face consequences for his actions. Nevertheless, I am going to persevere and make another prediction.

I believe that tomorrow is going to be a horrible day for Donald Trump. It’s his birthday, and the full moon is almost exactly aligned with the full moon that occurred on the day that he was born. That in itself isn’t the bad part, but having both of the luminaries along that axis while Saturn is backtracking and making an opposition to Trump’s natal Mars makes me believe that a light is going to be shone upon the worst of what the Manchurian Pumpkin did to foment the attempted insurrection. Whatever happens in the congressional hearings today is going to hurt him badly.

What gives me hope that my prediction will come true this time is that my horoscope is terrific during this full moon. The sun will be mere minutes away from forming an exact conjunction with my natal Jupiter. All the signs point toward me having a terrific day. Good news is on the horizon!

I shouldn’t personalize this event in this manner because I know that this isn’t how astrology works, but I can’t help myself. Having the sun aligning with Jupiter in my chart is making me overly optimistic, and nothing would make me happier than to see Karma catch up with Donald Trump.

C’mon universe . . . do your thing!

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