Star Struck Style

rs-239344-chris-evansChris Evans (source: Rolling Stone)

I’m always making fun of the cliches that define the zodiac signs. I’m kind of a smart ass, and if you haven’t figured that out by now, you probably should find another blog to read.

Lately, I’ve been pretty hard on Gemini natives. I’ve had a few Gemini friends, so I’m not completely horrified by your existence, but with people like Donald Trump exemplifying the worst of your sign, I’m mostly horrified. Of course, for every Gemini like Donald Trump, there is an antidote in the form of someone like Chris Evans. He’s a delightful individual: a real Captain America if I’ve ever seen one. His Twitter feed gives me hope that one day someone might make America great again.

Maybe that person is Pete Buttigieg. Mayor Pete is a Capricorn, like me. He’s also the sort of guy who makes me believe that…

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