Money (source: Daily Hive)

I haven’t been pushing my luck much lately. Even though all the restrictions surrounding COVID-19 have been lifted where I live, I still haven’t visited the casino near my house since New Year’s Day. It’s not that I don’t want to go, but rather that I don’t feel lucky lately. I can barely win a free-play on the lottery tickets I buy on a weekly basis. It’s a bona fide slump!

I remember having an unlucky year a while ago. I don’t know if I ever looked to my chart to try to get to the bottom of my unfortunate streak. I do know that whenever I believe I’m going to be lucky (during beneficial alignments between the sun, Venus and Jupiter, for instance), that I’m usually not lucky. The planets just convince me that things are going to come easy to me, and then I push my luck and typically regret spending my money like a fool.

The funny thing is that I just looked at my chart to see if anything stood out. Transiting Jupiter in my fifth house forms an exact trine with my natal Neptune tomorrow, and my horoscope on specifically advises me to avoid gambling while this aspect is influencing me. I don’t know if that’s enough to stop me from buying my lottery tickets, but it’s funny that I’m feeling like avoiding gambling when my forecast is so specific in its advice:

“The desire to gamble or speculate is another aspect of this influence. As long as you realize that it is possible to lose and that you must use some planning and foresight, it should be all right. But don’t let a feeling of overconfidence and the desire to take unnecessary risks get you into a losing situation.”

“Overconfidence” is hardly the word to describe how I’m feeling! In fact, with the new moon arriving in my orderly and disciplined sixth house early tomorrow morning, all I want to do is pay my bills. But will that be the thing that makes me give up on my dream of winning the lottery? Probably not. Still, I’m just not feeling lucky at the moment. So many things in my life have seemed easier since the year began, but I’m hardly feeling “lucky” when it comes to these games of chance. I figured the opposite would happen with Jupiter in my fifth house. Maybe that will all change when Venus joins it next week. Until then, I’m not that optimistic about my chances!

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